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Welcome to the website of the Fleet Air Arm Association Greater Manchester Branch.

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About the Fleet Air Arm Association

Do you know that there is an official Association that exists to perpetuate the comradeship which began in the Service, to foster good fellowship, render services to one another and promote social gatherings amongst members?

To assist members in matters relating to welfare. To maintain a close relationship with the Service and to inform the general public of the past traditions and present function of the Fleet Air Arm.

In 1985 three branches, Birmingham, Hanworth and Gosport, met and agreed to form a National Fleet Air Arm Association. The Association now has twenty two branches and a membership of more than a thousand. Branches cover an area from Angus in the North to the Solent in the South, from Great Yarmouth in the East to Pembrokeshire in the West. Membership is open to all serving and ex-serving ranks who served without dishonour in a recognised Fleet Air Arm Trade for a minimum of six months.

Today, branches support the Fleet Air Arm Memorial Church, the Fleet Air Arm Museum, the Fly Navy Heritage Trust and the Royal Navy Historic Flight at RNAS Yeovilton and the Association was actively involved with the recent setting up and raising funds for a Fleet Air Arm Memorial sited on the Embankment in London.